YDS Architects

1/11/2018House S

House S is underway.

This is a house with natural light and natural wood, and it is due for completion in 2019.


House Sが着工へ向け、進行中です。


29/10/2018Yoshitaka Uchino featured as a Design Hero

Celebrating innovative designs of YDS Architects, OMC Design Studios has featured founder Yoshitaka Uchino as a Design Hero.


内野がOMC Design StudiosからDesign Heroとして紹介されました。

26/10/2018YDS’s Projects in ‘Multi Residential Buildings’

YDS’s projects including ‘Void in a Forest‘ will be featured in ‘Multi Residential Buildings’.

The book will be published in February 2019.


Void in a Forest‘を含むYDS Architectsの作品が’Multi Residential Buildings’に掲載されます。


25/10/2018Still Light

Still Light has been completed in Tokyo.


Still Lightが完成しました。

20/10/2018YDS Architects nominated for Global-100

YDS Architects has been nominated for Global-100,UK.


YDS ArchitectsがGlobal-100(英国)にノミネートされました。

17/10/2018House N @ ABB LEAF Awards Forum

House N will be exhibited at ABB LEAF AWARDS FORUM on Thursday 18th October, 2018 in Frankfurt am Main.

Now in its 18th year, LEAF Forum attracts most innovative and influential Architects and thinkers.


House Nが10月18日にフランクフルトで開催されるABB LEAF AWARDS FORUMで展示されます。

18年目を迎えるLEAF Forumは、世界で最も革新的で影響力のある建築家や思想家が参加します。

10/10/2018YDS Architects wins Leading Designers Award

Celebrating the best and innovative design from all over the world, LUX Life Magazine has named YDS Architects for Most Innovative Architectural Design Firm .


YDS ArchitectsがLUX Life MagazineからLeading Designers Award‘Most Innovative Architectural Design Firm ‘を受賞しました。

10/10/2018Building M is underway

Building M is underway.

This is a residential building with various terraces one would feel nature.


Building Mが着工へ向け、進行中です。


5/10/2018YDS Architects nominated for global venture awards

YDS Architects has been nominated for Global Venture Awards,UK.


YDS ArchitectsがGlobal Venture Awards(英国)にノミネートされました。

4/10/2018YDS Architects in Houzz

We are proud to announce that YDS Architects has been featured in Houzz.

Several projects including House N are featured in this site.

See the full story here.


YDS ArchitectsがHouzzで紹介されています。