20/11/2017YDS Architects will be featured in CTA

We are proud to announce that the projects of YDS Architects will be featured in CTA,Taiwan.

CTA,Creative Talk in Asia, introduces creators,projects in various fields in Asia.

Projects including Misora kindergarten,House K,Void in a Forest,Columns of Books together with the comments of Yoshitaka Uchino will be featured in CTA.

The Book will be published in January,2018.


YDS Architects:CTAに掲載

YDS Architectsの作品がアジアのクリエーターの一人として、台湾の国際デザイン雑誌CTAに掲載されます。

CTAはCreative Talk in Asiaの略称で、アジアの様々な領域のデザインを紹介しています。