Floating Promenade

This is a house in a greenery site.

Three boxes are inserted to the box which consists of public spaces including living room and dining room.

In the public spaces, there are living and dining spaces in the first floor and ‘Floating Promenades’ to the private rooms which are connected by voids. From skylight above the voids and stairs, bountiful light pours into the spaces.

This is a house where they would live happily staying and walking around it while strictly keeping the private spaces.




パブリックスペースは1 階のリビングと、吹抜でつながる浮かぶ散策路のような空間が立体的に広がります。階段上部のトップライトからは、自然光が燦々と降り注ぎます。


| DATA |

  • Type :

    Private House

  • Location :


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  • Size :


  • Status :

    In Progress