This is a complex building of concert hall, Museum, and shops.

The intention is to combine several activities of cities and enfold them into an architecture with distinguished form.

When one go to concert halls and theaters, one is likely to expect quiet places where one would be engaged in listening to classic musics or viewing cinemas.

Although quiet spaces are needed for such places, spaces around them would be invigorated when they are connected to  other spaces including museums and shops.

The spaces of concert halls and theaters are enfolded by thick exposed concrete which provides tranquil and cozy spaces detached from city, and spaces covered by glasses around it function as museums and shops.

The spaces of glasses are like urban corridors, and parts of corridors would change to spaces like agoras by pulling their skins towards to the city. Among the four peaks of the cubic of the spaces, three peaks are pulled towards outside, and the form of the building is like a quartz.

By stacking these two types of quartz, the building with a striking silhouette arouse activities of people and would be a new symbol of the city.








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    Museum Hall, Museum, Shop

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