Wavering Forest

This is a complex building of ateliers and factories for handicapped persons.The ateliers are placed in the spaces like a forest with wood columns and beams.

Courts with terraces are inserted between them, so people feel relaxed feeling nature.

Placing the beams in a checkerboard pattern in the grid inspires the feeling of Nature.The aim is to blend the architecture and the nature.

Rooms placed in the grid softly are articulated with each other, and connected and disconnected by the sliding doors.

Through the voids between these rooms, light and wind would through to the spaces.

In the housing units in the second floor, people feel nature and sense of living together with privacy.

The intention is to realize symbiosis between architecture and nature and create open agora in the spaces with uniform grids.








| DATA |

  • Type :

    Social facility

  • Location :

    Ibaraki, Japan

  • Collaborators :


  • Size :


  • Status :

    In Progress