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31/05/2019受賞:Architecture Awards 2019

Architecture Awards 2019

We are excited  to announce that YDS Architects has been awarded for “BUILD Architecture Awards 2019”,UK.

Celebrating YDS’s innovative and inspirational projects, YDS has been named as “Most Innovative Architecture Firm – Tokyo”. 

Encouraged by the award, we would forge our own path towards new innovative architectures and cities.


英国BUILD誌から”BUILD Architecture Awards 2019″を受賞致しました!

革新的な作品やプロジェクトが高く評価され、”Most Innovative Architecture Firm – Tokyo”として表彰されます。


29/05/2019掲載:ヨーロッパ”Multi Residential Buildings”

YDS’s Projects featured in Books in EU

YDS’s projects has been featured in “Multi Residential Buildings”, Europe.

The book includes residential projects by various architects around the world. It has been published in EU including Spain,UK,France, Germany, and will distributed to the world.

Please check and see this book.


YDS ArchitectsがEUで発行される”Multi Residential Buildings”に掲載されます。




Featured in BUILD

We are thrilled to announce that YDS Architects has been featured in BUILD,UK.

Celebrating their original and inspiring projects, this article has been featured about the secrets of designs of the practice.

Here, founder Yoshitaka Uchino explains their attitudes towards designs as “The more architectures that we have around, we have realized that the more creative ideas and concepts we have come up with. Driven by its original visions, we design ‘Wavering Architectures’ which stimulate human minds and invoke communications between human and nature. ”

He also said that “Although some projects have not been realized, the idea and the concept would be reincarnated in other projects. Rather, the thoughts would move even deeper and be cemented in some unprecedented forms because they have not been built.”

To see the full article, please click here.


YDS Architectsが英国BUILD誌に掲載されました!

“Creating Beautiful Spaces”というタイトルで紹介され、様々な建築を生み出すプロセス、建築への思いを語っております。


26/04/2019ノミネート:”Architecture Awards”

Nominated for Architecture Awards

We are proud to announce that YDS Architects has been nominated for “2019 Architecture Awards”,UK.


YDS Architectsが英国の建築賞”2019 Architecture Awards”にノミネートされました。


12/04/2019ノミネート:”German Design Award”

Nominated for German Design Award

We are proud to announce that House N has been nominated for “German Design Award 2020”,Germany.


練馬の家がドイツ”German Design Award 2020″にノミネートされました。



5 Wins

Only three months has passed in 2019, YDS Architects have already won five awards! 

After boasting a victory in the “Global Business Awards” early in 2019, YDS Architects has been awarded “APAC Business Awards”, “Corporate Excellence Awards”, “Ones to Watch in 2019”, and “2019 Design and Build Awards”.

We are so honored to be recognized so much in 2019 and are looking forward to creating great architectures and cities ahead! 



年始に”Global Business Awards”を頂戴したのを皮切りに、”APAC Business Awards”, “Corporate Excellence Awards”, “Ones to Watch in 2019”,  “2019 Design and Build Awards”を受賞致しました。



1/04/2019受賞:”Ones to Watch Awards”

Ones to Watch Awards

We are excited to announce that YDS Architects has been selected for “Ones to Watch in 2019”,UK.

After claiming a victory in APAC Business Award, BUILD has named YDS Architects as ‘Recognized Experts in Japanese Architecture & Design’.

The BUILD Awards are dedicated to  recognizing and recommending most promising and best performing firms.This program showcases companies around the world that are innovating, inspiring, and deserving of recognition.

YDS Architects will be featured in BUILD Magazine in April.


英国から「2019年注目の建築家」として、”Ones to Watch in 2019″を受賞致しました。




29/03/2019受賞:”Corporate Excellence Awards”

Corporate Excellence Awards

We are thrilled to announce that YDS Architects has been awarded for ‘2019 Corporate Excellence Awards’,UK.

Celebrating their original and inspiring projects, CV Magazine has named YDS Architects as ‘Most Inspirational Architecture Firm of 2019 – Japan’.

18/03/2019掲載:スペイン”Multi-Residential Buildings”

YDS @ “Multi-Residential Buildings”

YDS’s projects and philosophy will be featured in “Multi Residential Buildings”, SPAIN.

The book will include innovative projects by 30 architects around the world, and will be published in May,2019.


YDS Architectsの作品が、スペインから発行される”Multi Residential Buildings”に掲載されます。



15/03/2019ノミネート:”Corporate Excellence Awards”

Nominated for Corporate Excellence Awards

YDS Architects has been nominated for ‘2019 Corporate Excellence Awards’,UK.


YDS Architectsが英国’2019 Corporate Excellence Award’にノミネートされました。