YDS Architects

12/01/2019Nominated for 2019 Design & Build Awards

YDS Architects has been nominated for ‘2019 Design & Build Awards’,UK.


YDS Architectsが英国’2019 Design & Build Awards’にノミネートされました。

9/01/2019Landscape Architecture Awards

Celebrating YDS’s innovative Landscape designs, GBI in UK has awarded YDS Architects and named the practice as `BEST LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE FIRM 2019-JAPAN’.

It’s a great honor for us.


YDS Architectsが英国GBIから賞を受賞し、`BEST LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE FIRM 2019-JAPAN’として表彰されます。


7/01/2019Ones to Watch 2019

Celebrating YDS’s innovative designs, BUILD has awarded YDS Architects ‘Ones to Watch in 2019′ and named the practice as `Recognized Experts in Japanese Architecture & Design’.

The Ones to Watch program is the way of recognizing and recommending the most promising and best performing firms all over the world.

This is a wonderful honor for us!

Details will be released in February, 2019.


YDS Architectsが英国BUILDから`Ones to Watch in 2019’賞を受賞し、`Recognized Experts in Japanese Architecture & Designとして表彰されます。




1/01/2019Happy new year!

Happy new year and best wishes for 2019.

YDS Architects will make all efforts to create new architectures with bright ideas.

We would be grateful for your continuing cooperation.



YDS Architectsは今年も一生懸命、新たなアイデアで建築をつくってゆきます。


19/12/2018Office K

Office K which demonstrates symbiosis with nature is underway.

The aim is breaking down boundaries between nature and architecture, and creating spaces with light and wind.


自然との共生を具現化したOffice Kが進行中です。


17/12/2018Global Business Insight Awards

Celebrating the best and innovative design, Global Business Insight has named YDS Architects with the prize as `Award For Excellence in Architectural Designing Services 2018-Japan’.


YDS Architectsが英国Global Business Insightから`Award For Excellence in Architectural Designing Services 2018-Japan’として受賞致しました。

7/12/2018Nominated for Landscape Architecture Award

YDS Architects has been nominated for ‘Landscape Architecture Award’,UK.


YDS Architectsが英国の’Landscape Architecture Award’にノミネートされました。

1/12/2018Nominated for GBI Awards

YDS Architects has been nominated for ‘2018 Global Business Insight Awards’,UK.


YDS Architectsが英国の’2018 Global Business Insight Awards’にノミネートされました。

26/11/2018Letter of Recognition

Celebrating innovative designs, YDS Architects has got a Letter of Recognition from OMC, Italy.


革新的な作品を世に送り出している事が認められ、イタリアOMCから’Letter of Recognition’を頂きました。

21/11/2018Nominated for APAC Awards

YDS Architects has been nominated for ‘APAC Business Awards’,UK.


YDS Architectsが英国の’APAC Business Awards’にノミネートされました。