15/02/2019Building H

Construction of Building H has started in Tokyo.


Building Hが着工致しました。

12/02/2019Building N

Building N has completed in Kanagawa, Japan.


神奈川県のBuilding Nが竣工致しました。


8/02/2019House O

House O is underway.

The theme is grids with light, and the construction will start this summer.


House Oが進行中です。


6/02/2019Building K

Building K is underway.

The construction of it will start early next year.


Building Kが進行中です。


28/01/2019Best Architectural Design Practice 2018 – Japan

Laureates of APAC Business Awards has been released, and APAC Insider named YDS Architects as `Best Architectural Design Practice 2018 – Japan’.

APAC Insider Business Awards celebrate talented companies across the Asia Pacific region.

Full list of winners are here.


APAC Business Awardsの受賞者が公表され、英国APAC Insiderから`Best Architectural Design Practice 2018 – Japan’として表彰されました。

APAC Insider Business Awardsはアジアパシフィックの優れた会社を表彰します。

受賞者リストは こちらです。

26/01/2019House S

The construction of House S will start next month.

Details will be announced later.


House Sが来月着工致します。


24/01/2019APAC Business Awards

Celebrating YDS’s innovative designs, APAC Insider has awarded APAC Business Awards to YDS Architects and named the practice as `Best Architectural Design Practice 2018 – Japan’.


YDS Architectsが英国APAC InsiderからAPAC Business Awardsを受賞し、`Best Architectural Design Practice 2018 – Japan’として表彰を受けました。

12/01/2019Nominated for 2019 Design & Build Awards

YDS Architects has been nominated for ‘2019 Design & Build Awards’,UK.


YDS Architectsが英国’2019 Design & Build Awards’にノミネートされました。

9/01/2019Landscape Architecture Awards

Celebrating YDS’s innovative Landscape designs, GBI in UK has awarded YDS Architects and named the practice as `BEST LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE FIRM 2019-JAPAN’.

It’s a great honor for us.


YDS Architectsが英国GBIから賞を受賞し、`BEST LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE FIRM 2019-JAPAN’として表彰されます。


7/01/2019Ones to Watch 2019

Celebrating YDS’s innovative designs, BUILD has awarded YDS Architects ‘Ones to Watch in 2019′ and named the practice as `Recognized Experts in Japanese Architecture & Design’.

The Ones to Watch program is the way of recognizing and recommending the most promising and best performing firms all over the world.

This is a wonderful honor for us!

Details will be released in February, 2019.


YDS Architectsが英国BUILDから`Ones to Watch in 2019’賞を受賞し、`Recognized Experts in Japanese Architecture & Designとして表彰されます。