Wavering Nature 3

YDS  seeks to design housing units that are closer to the nature, the light and wind.

In Void of a Forest, by creating the court like an agora where one would feel the light and wind, the residents would enjoy their life. Two units are directly face the court so that one would enter these housing units via the court. In order to go into one’s house, one would go through the court after entering the entrance hall.

When it’s rainy, one should put an umbrella when reached to one’s unit after moving into the entrance hall. Although this fact may be irrational, one would feel the nature personally when it is sunny or rainy which one would not be able to experience in ordinary residential buildings.

Even though this court is small in actual size, it would be a small universe for residents. In these units, light and wind come from the three sides. The intention is to create spaces where one always feel nature including light, wind , and rain.