Wavering Nature 7

In  House S, the spatial structure of rooms is the main theme. To let the light and wind go into the spaces, YDS Architects inserts the terrace into the volume.

In House I , the terrace is placed in the 2nd floor and the height of this space is 1-story. The intention of House S is to insert larger void into the volume. Inserting the terrace with 2-story height into the space next to the living room, light and wind go into the spaces.

Placing the main routes including the stair, hall, and corridors as well as the living rooms next to the terrace, one would feel the light and wind from the terrace every moment. Thus, the terrace would be the core space of their daily life and it brings about infinite vastness.

By this architectural method, light slightly go to the spaces of the hall and the stair via the narrow windows so that these spaces become symbolic spaces of light which express transitional beauty.