Wavering Nature 8

YDS thinks to create spaces where one would feel the nature by bringing about the light, wind, and rain.

To experience the nature within the architectures, the practice design spaces where the nature is enfolded.

The light, wind, and rain in spaces of architectures show various expressions which are different from the ones we see and feel in our everyday life. By taking these natural factors in the architectures, the intention is to create spaces one would feel the transition of seasons.

In House K, one would feel the nature by the light and wind from the terrace inserted in the second floor. The light from the terrace changes every moment expresses transitional beauty. When it rains, one would find something new when one see the rain over the glasses from inside.

YDS intends to create architectures which softly fold the nature and to scoop the natural light.

From this terrace one would see “one’s own sky”, and one feels that the sky is nearer to you than one see in daily life. Although the actual distance between you and the sky is almost the same whether one is in the terrace or in the earth, psychological distance would become shorter.

Embracing these kinds of experiences is the main intention of YDS.