Flowing Promenades 1

Once one enters apartments spaces of promenade(street) would disappear. YDS Architects always intends to bring in these spaces of promenade(roji in Japanese) into spaces of residential buildings.

Spaces of residential buildings would be revitalized by making the spaces of promenades go around  them and letting public and private spaces mutually penetrated.

YDS Architects pursues to make all the blank spaces of architectures have some kind of positive meanings. The image is that blank spaces such as stairs and corridors would illustrate life of residents by the change of nature such as light and wind.

The stair is placed in the agora(court) in Void in a Forest .When one goes up or down the stairs, one would feel nature in the court as well as nature of the big park nearby. Placing the stair in the agora minimize the volume of common spaces as well as maximize the volume of housing units.

YDS always create these public spaces while taking care of economical and legal rationality.