Flowing Promenades 2

In Void in a Forest, the stairs in the agora connect the main moving promenade with the agora. Residents would feel and enjoy the space of agora when they go up and down the stair.

The stairs are painted in white that is the same color of the walls of the agora. The image is that the spaces of stairs would be blended in the space of the agora.

The corridors are connected with the stairs and agoras so that the space of promenade brought in from outside would relate to the corridors. The color and the materials of the corridors and the stairs are similar to that of natural slate of the agora, making continuity of spaces between stairs and corridors.

In the symbolic spaces of the stair, the landings are arc-shaped which would add centrifugal forces the motion of going up and down. One would enjoy the views while going up and down the stair by the centripetal arc-shaped landings.

From the stairs, one would see not only the bamboos in the agora but also the magnificent nature in the large park nearby.

YDS always questions the relationship between nature and architecture and tries to relate them when the practice designs residential buildings