Flowing Promenades 3

In Columns of books, YDS intends to create movements in the spaces of living room as well as making the scenery change by the columns of books.

Although the main concept of placing the bookshelves in the arc is to create the center and to make them the lighting equipment, at the same time, creating variations in the spaces of living room when one walks around the arc-shaped bookshelves. When one wants to find books in this bookshelves, or when one goes to the kitchen from the living room along bookshelves, one would move following the arc of the bookshelves, then invisible spaces of promenades come into being.

By responding demands of clients that the living room and the kitchen be united by the design of making the bookshelves like louvers, YDS intends to create spaces of path in the living room which functions as an agora.

YDS  thinks that creating spaces of various meanings would enrich the everyday life and give infinite vastness to spaces.