Urban Square 4

In Forests of Grids, a small forest within it is created. The image is that the residents always feel nature by regenerating Musashino Forest which once  existed and embraced by people.

The agora enclosed by two walls of the height of 2 stories, so the space of the agora is calm and tranquil. The intention is to create places of nature where one would feel an infinite vastness like a universe.

To get the maximum volume, the agora is placed in the part where volumes of only 2-story heights would be built.

Creating the agora of the forest while keeping the economical rationality is the key of the solution. Stairs are placed around and at the center of this agora. One would enjoy these spaces by connecting them with each other.

Through the hole dug in the curved wall around the forest, one would see the trees from the outside city.

This is an attempt to realize a kind of contribution to the city by the architecture by this forest.