Urban Square 5

YDS Architects intends to design spaces of agora also in schools, and kindergartens.

The entrance hall of Fujimi Kindergarten is designed as spaces of agora. In the large entrance hall, one would see the pathways like Engawa spaces, Japanese typical semi-outdoor spaces, which connect play ground with nursery rooms. Making the hall not only the mere checkpoint but the symbol of this kindergarten is the image.

Children would run and enjoy themselves in the entrance hall. The space is in the way to the Engawa spaces and to the playroom in the second floor, it situates at the center of the building.

The walls of the entrance hall might be exhibition spaces for works of children including their paintings. When the works are posted on the wall, the space of entrance hall would become MOCA, Museum of Children’s Arts. The arc-shaped column of exposed concrete stands out in the hall, and it tighten the space of the hall.

Children would enjoy in this entrance hall, and they would embrace the happy memories which are typical to Fujimi Kindergarten.