Urban Square 7

Making the agora of the outer spaces connected with child’s rooms would be bountiful spaces for families. The image is that children would run around the agora and child’s rooms.

In House K, the main concept is inserting the terrace into the space of second floor. Placing the terrace next to the rooms for children and making it face the corridors results in a creating migratory inside this house.

Various moving paths would come into being by the migratory, and the space would be deeper and more bountiful.

The agora enclosed by the corridor and the rooms for children, and the entrance to it is next to the stair. Children would have a fun by playing in this terrace, all the member of the family would be delightful in this agora which is open to the city.

From this square, one would see the sky, the city, and Mount Aso around the city and this experiences would be priceless which is typical to the House K.