Diversifying Symbiosis 3

Residential buildings should positively relate to the contexts of surrounding environments. Rather, they should positively relate to the surroundings. This concept would be accomplished by carefully designing the trees outside, though YDS always seek other architectural methods.

In the forest of Forests of Grids, the image is that all the people in the city would enjoy the nature of the forest. By digging a hole in the curved wall around the forest, one would see trees from outside the building. People who come and go in the city as well as residents would enjoy changes of the trees by the seasons.

This residential building would blend in the city and adds a new scenery of the city. Residents would enjoy the trees in the forest from agora in the second floor and stairs, and also enjoy urban scenes through the hole.

By opening up the natures of the forest, a new relationship between the architecture and the city has come into being.