Diversifying Symbiosis 7

A house with clear concept may be very different from other houses nearby. Designing such a house may be driving a new wedge in the context of the city, nevertheless YDS seeks they stands harmoniously in the city.

In ‘House K’, the relationship between the outer terrace and the city is an important issue. How void of the the terrace in this white box behave as a part of the scenery is carefully examined. The notion of symbiosis that the white box, though it might stand out in the given context, would blend in the city is one of the themes.

YDS Architects designs the garage roof for two cars that is united with the wall of the house. A thin white plate floating besides the white box is the main image. To make this image come true, the column of the roof are a pair of thin steel column over which roof overhang.

One would see “one’s own sky” through the slit of the white volume from the terrace and the living room in the first floor, also people in the city would see the framed sky by the void.

The distinctive image consists of white volume, floating white plate, and framed sky add as  new scenery to the existing city.