YDS, Yoshitaka Design Specialists, founded by Yoshitaka Uchino in 2005, is an award-winning international practice that strives for innovation in design. YDS is a group of specialists including architects, urbanists, engineers, planners, scientists, thinkers, designers, futurists and what not.

With the vision “Architects should be visionaries of Science and Art with Philosophy”, the practice designs architectures and cities as well as creates brand-new concepts for commodities.
Their designs unify architectures and wildlife nature by melting boundaries between them. The team aims to create beautiful spaces with nature where people feel the transition of light and shadow, wind, and rain.
Driven by its original visions, they design “Wavering Architectures” which stimulate human minds and invoke communications between human and nature.

The practice has been awarded several international prizes including LEAF Awards(Europe), Global Excellence Awards and Construction Awards(UK), German Design Award(Germany), The Architecture Master Prize and Global Business Insight Awards(US), 2A Asia Architecture Award (UAE).
S of YDS also represents our missions, values, visions, cultures and attitudes below to our customers, to societies, and to the world.
3S for our Missions: Special, Sophisticated, Stimulating
3S for our Visions: Simple, Scientific, Sharp
3S for our Attitudes: Sincere, Serious, Straightforward

Yoshitaka Uchino

Founder Yoshitaka Uchino, born in Tokyo in 1977, founded YDS after he received Master and Bachelor of Architecture from The University of Tokyo.
While traveling around Europe, United States, and Asia, and studying at the university, he has created his original visions for architectural design and urban design. Based on his original idea and philosophy, he and the team has designed and proposed several architectures and cities.
Yoshitaka received numerous awards and honors including Global Excellence Awards, UK in 2018, Design Top10 Award for Emergent Architect in the world, UK in 2016. In the same year, Singapore Institute of Architects nominated him for SIA-GETZ Architecture Prize for Emergent Architects in Asia.

Mana Muraki

Born in Tokyo, Mana is a licensed architect in Japan. Being a partner at YDS, Mana supervises all projects at YDS.
After she joined YDS, she has designed numerous projects including House K, Forests of Grids. She receives several prizes including German Design Award, The Architecture Master Prize.


YDS has created numerous award-winning projects, this is reflected in several awards from all over the world.

Design & Build Awards
Most Outstanding Architectural Firm – Japan, United kingdom, 2019
Ones to Watch Awards
Recognized Experts in Japanese Architecture & Design, United Kingdom, 2019
Global Business Insight Awards
Award For Excellence in Architectural Design 2018-JAPAN, United States, 2018
APAC Business Awards
Best Architectural Design Practice 2018-Japan,United Kingdom,2018
Architecture Award
Architectural Firm of the Year 2018-JAPAN,United Kingdom,2018
Global Excellence Awards
Most innovative Architecture Firm in Japan, United Kingdom, 2018
Global Excellence Awards
Architectural Designer of the Year for Japan, United Kingdom, 2017
Construction Awards
Best International Architectural Design Firm - Japan,United States,2017
SIA-GETZ Architecture Prize
Nominee, Singapore Institute of Architects, Singapore, 2016
Design Top10
Emergent Architect in the world, United Kingdom,2016

House N
Architecture Awards
Best Home Renovation Project -Tokyo,UK,2019
German Design Awards
LEAF Awards
Shortlist, United Kingdom,2018
WIN Awards
Finalist, United States,2018
Architecture Award
United Kingdom, 2018
A' Design Award
Iron Award, Italy, 2018
House K
WA Awards
Award 25th Cycle, United States, 2017
A' Design Award
Bronze Award, Italy,2017
German Design Award
Special Mention, Germany,2016
The American Architecture Prize
Honorable Mention, United States,2016
The 10th London international creative competition
Shortlist, United Kingdom,2017
Misora Kindergarten
2A Asia Architecture Award
Shortlist, United Arab Emirates,2017
German Design Award
Nominee, Germany,2017
A' Design Award
Iron Award, Italy,2016
Void in a Forest
German Design Award
Nominee, Germany,2017
2A Asia Architecture Award
Shortlist, United Arab Emirates,2016
A' Design Award
Iron Award, Italy,2016
Forests of Grids
2A Asia Architecture Award
Shortlist, United Arab Emirates,2017
A' Design Award
Iron Award, Italy,2016
House I
Architecture Awards
Best Single-Family Home Design Firm 2020 - Japan
United kingdom,2020
A' Design Award
Iron Award, Italy,2016
Woodone Prize
Fine Prize,Japan,2005



Special, Sophisticated, Stimulating


Simple, Sharp, Scientific


Sincere, Serious, Straightforward