Church of Triangle

This is a church in the central city of a city in US.

Roles of churches are various and really stretches today. It is one of cores of communities around the site as well as it serves for Christians to pray there.

The intention is to create spaces that have tremendous impact to attract humans and contribute to the local community.

An isosceles triangle is the main volume, and an curved wall is placed to divide the chapel for pray and the entrance. The curved wall break off the space and light would be brought about along the curved surface from skylight.

The Bending Light on the curved wall signifies attractive space, softly enfolds the space, and invokes the community between the people while it changes every moment .

Contrary to the light in the straight wall, light in the curved wall would profoundly come along the space and give the space a kind of attractive force. By inserting simple curved wall into the space, the space changes dramatically and produces a new kind of space in a church.





二等辺三角形のメインボリュームに円弧の壁が貫き、祈りの空間とエントランスホールを分節します。そして、トップライトからの光は円弧の壁のカーブした表面にそってもたらされます。円弧の壁の Bending Light は魅力的な空間を象徴し、刻々と変化しながら空間を優しく包み込み、人々の交歓を刺激します。



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