Flowing Water

Located in an easy slope on a hill, this office building is designed for a research facility of a pharmaceutical company.

Making the best use of this slope, the concept is comfortable working spaces as if floating in flowing water.

“Flowing Water” in the north of the building slowly flow towards the building, reaches it as a waterfall. The overhung terrace in the fifth floor provides spaces where one would feel like floating in the water. The south facade of the building slants a little, providing high energy efficiency by cutting sunlight. Moreover, this slanting facade offers wonderful views towards the “Flowing Water”.

Simple and scientific design making full use of the characteristics of the site would create an ideal environment for research which contribute to the improvement of the moral of the company.



斜面を活かし、流れる水に身を任せるような心地よい研究のための空間をつくることを目指しました。北側のFlowing Waterは緩やかに建築へ向け流れ、滝となってたどり着きます。5階の水面へ向け、大きく跳ね出したテラスは、まるで水の上に浮遊しているかのような感覚になります。

南面のファサードはやや傾斜し、太陽光を遮ることにより、エネルギー効率を高めると共に、Flowing Waterへの素晴らしい眺望を各階にもたらします。


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