Fresh Breeze

Located in a city, this residential consists of wooden grids provides urban breeze to the public spaces as well as to all the private units, making the life there really comfortable and healthy.

Urban courts with trees in the public space forms a node between the building and the city, bringing about natural air, wind, rain into city life.

This architecture reminds us feel for nature which might be lost in our daily city life, and it would be a model of residential of 21st century.


都市の中心部にあり、木のグリッドによるこの集合住宅は、各住戸及び公共空間にUrban Breeze(都市の風)をもたらし、そこでの生活を快適に、そして健康にします。

樹木のあるUrban Courts(都市の庭)は、建築と都心の結節点となり、日々の生活に自然の光、風、雨をもたらします。


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