The Shell 2

Located in a shopping area, this building is designed for residential and shops.

The intention is to manage both the openness of the shops and the privacy of the housing units.The curved wall of exposed concrete clearly articulates the architecture from the city, providing private spaces for housing units in the first and second floor.

A traversed void is placed in the fourth and the fifth floors. From the void like a valley, and one would feel the light, wind, and rain.The intention is to create marginal spaces like ‘MA’ which contributes to daily life.

From the terraces and inner spaces, one would see framed “one’s own sky” and feel infinite vastness like a small universe.






テラスや住空間からは切り取られた「自分だけの空」を見る事ができ、 小さな宇宙のような無限の広がりを感じられるでしょう。

| DATA |

  • Type :

    Residential Building, Shop

  • Location :


  • Team :

    YDS, TKS

  • Size :


  • Status :

    In Progress