Triple Helix

Located in Manhattan, this is a complex of residential building, commercial building, and a park.To regenerate the district around the site, this building has been designed.

By dividing the total volume of the building, the intention is to create housing units with light and wind. Open parks to the public are placed to mingle the residential and commercial building and nature. The three volume is pushed up and down to gain sunlight as much as possible.

After several simulations to gain sunlight as much as possible, the volume is rotated upwards. There are three types of rotating degrees based on the height of the building, and the volume of the terraces are different between the buildings which results in making various types of units to accommodate different kinds of lifestyles in NY.

This Triple Helix-like building provides new type of public spaces, and its striking silhouette would be a new landmark which invokes the city.   





Triple Helixは新たなタイプの公共性を持った空間を生み出し、先鋭的なシルエットは都市空間を刺激する新たなランドマークとなるでしょう。

| DATA |

  • Type :

    Residential, Commercial, Park

  • Location :

    New York

  • Team :

    YDS, TKS

  • Size :


  • Status :