Creative Village

This is a primary school in a central town .

To provide creative spaces for children in a primary school, spaces called ‘Creative Village’ connects all the ordinary class rooms with voids and natural light which would arouse several activities. There are no corridors in this school, rather, all the class rooms face the common space with no walls.

A pair of class rooms are placed, and small courts insert them which provide all the spaces of the class rooms with nature including light, wind, and trees. Bookshelves softly divide the class rooms and  ‘Creative Village’, children would behave as they like in this space. Some children would talk with friends, and others would reads books.

Wooden beams and columns provide all the spaces with warmth, and eaves of the buildings shed sunlight and increase energy efficiency.

Top light provide Creative Village with crushed and softened light by the wooden beams and white curved louvers, children freely study and enjoy their time in this school all the day.



小学校において、想像力を刺激し育む空間をつくるために、吹き抜けですべての普通教室をつなぎ、自然光あふれる ‘Creative Village’をデザインし、様々な活動を喚起することを考えました。学校には単なる経路である廊下はなく、普通教室は共用部に壁のない状態でつながります。

ペアの教室を同サイズの中庭が分節し、光や風そして樹木などの自然を室内にもたらします。各教室の入り口に配置された本棚が教室と‘Creative Village’を柔らかく分け、子供たちは自由に‘Creative Village’で過ごします。友人と話をする子供もいれば、読書する子供たちもいるでしょう。

普通教室、‘Creative Village’、遊戯室、音楽室、理科室などが校庭を取り囲むように配置され、子供たちは空間の統一感を感じることが出来ます。


‘Creative Village’ のトップライトからの光は、木の梁を透過し、白い曲面のルーバーによって打ち砕かれる柔らかな粒子となり、勉学に励みながら楽しく過ごす子供達を優しく包み込むでしょう。

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