Void in a Forest

This residential building is built in a beautiful greenery site next to Shakujii park that is a very large and famous park.

The main concept is to take in the beautiful nature around the site, and people lives in this housing would be able to feel the nature such as the light and the wind.

A Light court named ‘Urban Garden’ is put into this architecture and covered by louvers. This court serves as a void and is softly articulated by these louvers and put in the woods around the site.Bamboos are planted in this court that is paved by natural slates, so residents would feel the nature inside the architecture.

Among the housing, two of them are directly beside the court. Living in these two units, they would feel like living in a house.

When they go up and down the stairs, they are able to feel the light and the winds. Each corridor face the garden and surrounded by the light. The outside stairs are paths to the each housing which is always lost in the housing complexes.

Bay windows in each unit are architectural devices by which residents are able to see the trees in the garden and Shakujii park.

In a city people are detached from the nature, this housing provides symbiosis with nature and the environment for the residents.










Photo : Masaho Inami

| DATA |

  • Type :

    Residential Building

  • Location :


  • Collaborators :

    City Structural Engineer

  • Size :

    1,420 sqm

  • Status :