Original Design of stairs of apartments

YDS strives to keep construction costs as low as possible and create designs that satisfy the building owner.

Rational design and rational cost management are particularly important when constructing “highly economical” rental condominiums.

The outcome of the project will vary greatly depending on the business feasibility based on “yield = expected rent/construction cost”.

When designing a rental apartment, real estate companies focus on the area where rent will be generated.

In other words, rent is charged depending on the area, specifications, and design of the rental unit.

On the other hand, entrances, elevators, shared stairs, etc. are areas that do not incur rent.

The stairs we design are designed with a little extra spaces.

Although there are a lot of stairs, most people in rental apartments use elevators.

Of course, if stairs are absolutely necessary, they will cost more.

We are thinking of creating new value by giving the necessary stairs a theme.

“Forests of Grids” designed stairs that are fun to walk by connecting outdoor stairs and the courtyard.

From the entrance hall, you can step out into the courtyard and climb up and down the stairs while feeling the nature.

For the “Sanshi Forests Apartment,” we considered taking advantage of the valuable features of the planned site, which has a vast park in front of it.

An indoor staircase that opens out towards the park brings the park view into the interior of the building.

The idea is to spend every day enjoying the seasonal changes in nature.

In “Void in a Forests,” an outdoor staircase was placed in the void of a courtyard, which was designed to take advantage of strict regulations.

You can climb up and down the stairs while overlooking the courtyard and the trees of Shakujii Park.

In this way, the stairs in the common areas of apartment complexes, which are rarely used in real life, are designed to have major features.

Designing stairs as a space that embodies architectural design concepts and ideas not only enhances the design quality but also improves economic rationality.


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