Cloudy Forests

This building complex for commercial, office, and hotel is located at the central area of the city.

Blending small forests like clouds with simple boxes results in creating spaces one would feel nature, and it would transmit the symbiosis of architectures and the nature.


<Every three floors, terraces with trees and walls of plants are inserted to the building.

The building looks like being folded by natural trees and plants, since terraces are placed with gaps and rotated. 

From every terrace, one would see other floating terraces either upwards and downwards, these terraces represents images of floating parks.


This architecture would be a skyscraper of the future provides vertical, horizontal, and three-dimensional spaces of nature to the city, and it would produce symbiosis between the architecture and the nature.

Cloudy Forests Void City Trees Light


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    Commercial Building, Office Building, Hotel

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    New York

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