Cost Check

YDS is rationally designing and successfully reducing construction and construction costs.

When designing, we are thinking of creating a building that meets the owner’s request with an original concept and unique technology.

There are various elements in construction costs, but among them, the cost of the structure and framework is the most expensive.

This is because it is the most important element that constitutes architecture, and it takes time and materials.

Although it depends on the building and structure, the structure and framework generally cost about 1/3 of the total construction cost.


Rational design of structures and frameworks is the top priority for cost control.

“The heavier the building, the greater the seismic force.”

Therefore, in order to improve earthquake resistance, it is important to make the building strong and reduce the seismic force.

It is important to understand the characteristics of each structure well and design a slim structure.


The weight of the building is very large, and the ratio of the weight of the structure and frame is particularly large.

Reinforced concrete construction is very strong with “thick rebars + hard concrete”.

However, reinforced concrete construction has a major disadvantage: it is very heavy.

It is very sturdy, but it is also a big point that “because it is heavy, the seismic force increases”.


Reinforced concrete construction has many advantages.

It is “non-flammable”, since it does not burn in fire, it is extremely fire resistant, and the reinforced concrete structure itself is a “fire resistant structure.”

On the other hand, wooden and steel structures are “relatively lighter than reinforced concrete structures”, so the seismic force is weak.

Wooden and steel structures are very rational, and wooden structures use “natural wood”, so they are “nature-friendly structures”.


Wooden and steel structures, which are very rational structures, have a very big weakness.

Wooden and steel structures would be easily burned and their strength would disappear.


“Strong seismic resistance” varies depending on the design of the building and the ground of the planned site.

After carefully considering the characteristics of each structure, we simply created a structure that best suited the building.

This is a major point for rational design and appropriate cost reduction.


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