Creative Village

This is a primary school in a central town in Japan.

To provide creative spaces for children in a primary school, spaces called “Creative Village” connects all the ordinary classrooms with voids and natural light which would arouse several activities. There are no corridors in this school, rather, all the classrooms face the common space with no walls.

A pair of classrooms are placed and small courts which is the same size with the classrooms insert them which provide all the spaces of the classrooms with nature including light, wind, and trees. Bookshelves softly divide the classrooms and “Creative Village”, children would behave as they like in this space. Some children talk with friends, and some children read books.

Spaces of classrooms, Creative Village, playroom, music room and science room enfold the playground, children would feel the unity of the spaces. Wood beams and columns provide all the spaces with warmth, and eaves of the buildings shed sunlight and increase energy efficiency.

Top light provide Creative Village crushed and softened light by the wooden beams and white wavering louvers, children freely study enjoy their time in this school.

Creative Village Beams


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    Primary School

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