Diversifying Symibiosis

When designing, we carefully examine the site and try to blend in with the surrounding environment as much as possible.

Every land has its own unique history.

We delve into those histories and think about “architecture that coexists with the environment and history”.


When designing a building with a clear concept, the distinctive facade and appearance will draw a line from the surrounding landscape.

While creating “architecture that can only be found in place”, we consider the surrounding city and nature.

I want to create architecture that blends into the landscape.

By creating a space and nature like a blank space inside the building, the city and the building are connected without being isolated from the urban space.


In renovation, we believe that new spaces will be stimulated through dialogue and collision between old and new spaces.

We take care of the existing space and create value unique to renovation.

Then, a new space is inserted, and a new meaning is born between the new space and the old space.

When renovating and modifying the architecture, I would like to cherish the attitude of inheriting the history and space.

A clash and dialogue between new and old spaces are born.


When designing housing complexes, I would like to create housing complexes that not only harmonize with the city and townscape, but also actively work with them.

An opening is opened in the exposed concrete wall surrounding the forest, and not only the residents but also the city can see it.

Residents and passers-by can enjoy the growth and seasonal changes of the trees in the forest.

The architecture is intended to become one of the landscapes of the city along with nature.


When creating a house with a concept, the design will be different from the surrounding houses.

It also seems to drive a new wedge into the context of the surrounding city.

Even so, I would like it to stand still as part of the townscape without floating away from the surroundings.

A house in Kumamoto designed with a cubic white box and a terrace penetrating as a void.

I intended to create an image of harmonious coexistence while highlighting the individuality of the white box without floating away from the townscape.

I made use of this “fringed sky” as one of the landscapes and townscapes.

Three designs of white boxes and voids, floating white plates, and fringed sky create new landscapes and are related to the city.


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