Essential Education

All architects love to travel.

I have traveled to many places in Japan and overseas.

This is a story about how I educated my children when I went on a trip with them.

I want children to acquire the ability to think in a broad sense.


The photo was taken on a trip to Goto in Kyushu, when I woke up early with my children and went to see the sunrise with them.

At dawn, the stars were still visible, but they gradually brightened and disappeared.

After a while, the sun popped out of the horizon.


This is the experience of “the visible stars disappear, gradually brighten, and the sun comes out”.

I wanted my children to have this experience.

My child seemed sleepy, but I want him to have such an essential experience and learn more and more with an interest in mathematics and science.


Principal Uchino writes various articles about children’s education and essential education on the external site “New Education Travelogue”..

To see the articles, please click here.

You can read it in English, French,Spanish,German, and so on.

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