Flowing Promenades

The space of an urban street that disappears the moment you step into an apartment complex.

I would like to revive this space of the road and draw the “space of the road” from the city into the inside of the housing complex.

We want to open spaces such as stairs and common corridors to the city without making them closed spaces.

The road space is designed to go around the interior of the building.

We revitalize the space by interpenetrating the public and private spaces.


I am thinking of giving positive meaning to all of the architectural blanks.

The space also changes due to changes in nature, light and wind.

There is a corridor as a road space inside the building.

The corridor is connected to the plaza and the stairs, and it is designed so that the road space drawn into the interior is connected.


A pleasant street space with a slightly sloping staircase in Mykonos.

I always think that I want to create such a road space in architecture.

When designing housing complexes, I try to establish a positive relationship between nature and architecture.


The space of the plaza and the street is created inside the housing complex.

The staircase surrounding the plaza becomes a space for enjoying nature.

The space of the plaza and the stairs of the three-dimensional street permeate each other, and the space of the courtyard has an expanse like a small universe.

The public space of the open space and the street where the forest and the stairs intersect three-dimensionally is realized.


I would like to create the concept of road space even in a house, which is a relatively small building.

I thought of the terrace as a plaza, so that life revolves around it.

We made the flow line compact and created a street space around the terrace, which is a plaza, to connect the rooms on the second floor.

In the space of the road surrounding the terrace, you can feel various lights from the terrace and the skylight.


We wanted to create a “living space” where people can enjoy moving from room to room inside the house.

By linking the atrium and the road space, the road space is not a straight line but a curved space surrounding the terrace.

It is an image of parading through an ancient Japanese festival.

We aim to create a space with infinite expanse by developing a plaza and street space in a residential area.


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