Fujimi Kindergarten

This is a kindergarten in west Tokyo where lots of trees including cherry blossoms are planted.

YDS put a double large roof as a motif of cone-shaped hat which is in the song of this kindergarten.


The roof would be seen from the distance, and it would be the landmark of this kindergarten.

A terrace of 3.8m is placed next to the rooms as the middle area between the internal space and the external space.

The glass eaves make the line of light which lead children, parents to the whole kindergarten building.


The entrance hall along the axis faces veranda space from the entrance, and it clarifies the space of the kindergarten building.

The hall would become an exhibition space of works of kindergartners.

YDS hope children would grow up healthily in this kindergarten.

Terrace Roof Light Engawa

Photo : Masaho Inami


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