himeji castle

Vista stretches straight from Himeji Station to Himeji Castle.

The awareness of “Himeji Castle as a city landscape” is very strong.

Himeji Castle is truly a symbol of Himeji city.

At the same time as being the center of the city of Himeji, it continues to be the center of the spirit of the cities around Himeji.

A city or town with a center is really nice.


The townscape and urban structure of Edo in the old days had a structure that was clearly conscious of the vista (axis) to Edo Castle.

The vista can be seen drawn in ukiyo-e.

There are many ukiyo-e prints in which Edo Castle and Mt.

When Edo Castle and Mt. Fuji are drawn at the end of the street, the composition will look beautiful.

Himeji Castle, a white castle with a long history, is a symbol of the city.


“When you think of spring, you think of cherry blossoms.”

There are many cherry trees planted around Himeji Castle.

Therefore, you can enjoy a different view of Himeji Castle from any angle.

Outside of the four seasons, Himeji Castle is lit up at night.

The fantastic Himeji Castle continues to shine as a symbol of Himeji day and night.


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