Japanease Casltes

Architects love to travel.

YDS really like history, so it’s a fun memory to visit places related to history while traveling.

Sometimes I travel to see certain castles and ruins.

It is the real thrill of history lovers.


Since YDS like Nobunaga Oda, very famous monarch in Japan,  we wanted to go to Gifu Castle for many years.

When we were university students, we went to Kyoto and Osaka in a hurry, always passing through Gifu by Shinkansen.

And it was only after we established YDS that I traveled to Gifu and Nagoya.


Tenshukaku is a form of castle that developed under the strong influence of foreign countries, especially Spain and Portugal, which were said to be Nanban.

Literally, it was a symbol of God = Deus.

Saito Dosan set his sights on the fort on Mt. Kinka, the highest mountain in the mountains.

And Gifu Castle, which was extensively renovated around 1540 with Dosan liver roast.

Buildings are completely different because the era is different, but the topography is not so different.


If you go to the site and see it, you would imagine the atmosphere hundreds of years ago.

When you look up at Gifu Castle, you will feel a magnificent romance.

Embracing this kind of romance in my heart,we would like to plan and design architecture.


Principal Uchino writes various articles about historical events, people, and historical architecture such as castles on the external site “New History Travelogue.”

To see the articles, please click here.

You can read it in English, French,Spanish,German, and so on.

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