Natural Light

Here is the story of “warm homes and spaces with natural light” that we cherish.

When designing, we place great importance on how natural light enters and how natural light changes.

Natural light varies depending on how it enters and the shape of the window.

Visualize where and what kind of window (opening) should be placed.

There are various types of natural light, such as direct light and light that spreads through the atrium.

We are thinking of an image that captures the natural light that changes with time and changes the interior space.

Natural light expresses various brilliance.

We cherish the image of natural light spreading softly through the atrium from the terrace.

The light of the top light is another “soft light”.

It is a space where you can enjoy the “momentary change of light”.

When you look up at the atrium, you can see “your own sky” over the terrace.

It is an image that light spreads out from the terrace.

The glass-enclosed terrace reflects the city landscape and brings the city into the house.

And the urban space of the city spreads out in the house.


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