Organic Voids

A space such as an interval or margin brings swelling to the living space.

It is an “empty image” that does not have a specific role or function.

Even if it is small, we believe that such a blank space enriches the space.

Various lights enter the void depending on the season and time of day.

The incoming light is reflected and diffused inside the small fukinuki box.

Depending on the weather and the position of the sun, strong direct light may come in, or it may become soft light.

A small atrium is a device that introduces and transforms natural light. Through the atrium, you can see the sky from the living room, and by opening the space, you can get a sense of expanse and infinite depth.

The soft light bounces off the enclosed walls.

Light creates space and creates “ma”.

I wanted to make the space between “ma” visible with light.


In the void space, when natural light enters from the top light, the light bounces in the long and narrow cylindrical space and reaches the living room on the first floor.

Strong light shines into the white box-shaped space.

The image of the void space is nothingness, between and empty.

It is a vague space with nothing but light.

The staircase is a space where you can feel the “pa” when transitioning from space to space.


I would like to clearly design the simple structure of the pillars and beams that make up the architecture, and create a space where you can feel the Japanese “ma” there.

When a pillar rises from the ground, a space is created around the pillar.

I wanted to create a new “ma” by fusing the space of the pillars of the even grid and the natural space.


The pillars create space around them, and in the renovation, the old pillars and new beams interact.

I would like to express that in the collision of new and old spaces called renovation.

It is a space concept that evokes images of space and time.

I think that you can feel the “pause” between new and old materials and spaces.

I would like to create a space of “between” like the universe, where even if it is small, you can feel the infinite expanse.


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