Rational Design

The cost of a wooden structure depends on the volume of the timber, which is basically the timber volume.

The more wood you use, the more it costs.

A rational and simple structure is the most rational structure.

And simple design is the most beautiful design.


In a wooden detached house, it is sometimes required to create a large living room.

The owner requests that the number of pillars should be reduced as much as possible, but if the number of pillars is reduced, the beam height will increase.

And if the beams become too large, the thickness of the second floor will increase.


I thought about making the structure rational by adding only one pillar and unifying the beam height as much as possible.

Therefore, we added a pillar in one corner of the Japanese-style room to improve the design and structural rationality.


In order to receive the seismic force well, we sometimes create a “core of the structure”.

The “structural core” is often designed with reinforced concrete, but it is also an important idea in wooden houses.

Therefore, the seismic force will be borne by the “core of the structure”, such as the plumbing, WIC, and storage space, where many pillars can be placed.


I put a lot of braces around the core.

And I made the beams of the second floor as uniform as possible and made it simple.

In addition to reducing the cost of the beam, we also considered the ease of construction.

We believe that simple design brings rational and functional beauty


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