Sanshi Forests Apartment

Located in front of a large park in Tokyo, YDS reconsiders the meaning of “living together” and tries to drive an organic wedge into the city.

Connecting the residential building with the city by making a public space which is open to the city is the design solution.

Covered by glasses, the space of stairs positively relates to the city and it would blend in the scenery of the site.


The glass projects images of people who go up and down the stairs, providing vital public space to the city.

Since scenes would change according to the season and time, residents enjoy various views of the sky and the forests in the park.

Climbing up and down the stairs is like walking above the park. Although the space is somewhat small, it is like “Floating Promenades” for people.


The space of stairs is “Void of the Light” where one would realize the fact that all things exist in the mixture of the light and shadow, and the spaces connect to the form.

At night, the stairs float and shine in the dark, and illuminate the city, thus, “Void of the Light” is transformed into “Tower of the Light”.


Builder : Shiraishi Construction

Tokyo Suginami Apartment Simple White Box Light Terrace Void Stairs

Photo : Nobuki Taoka


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    Suginami, Tokyo

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    YDS, yAT Structural Engineer

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