Spaces for Education

Some of our clients have requested a home with a good educational environment for their children.

In addition to staying in the child’s room, we also receive requests that “I want you to spend your time within the reach of your parents.”

We will respond to various requests such as “I want to create a space where I can relax and relax”.


The living room has a large wooden bookshelf.

All are made of wood (laminated wood), and the natural wood texture is gentle on children.

When we receive requests such as “I want children to be able to study near the books in the living room”, we make furniture that integrates a bookshelf and a desk.


At Kumamoto’s house, you can look out over the study space from the kitchen, so you can keep an eye on the children while preparing meals.

The shape of the desk is round instead of square, adding a sense of playfulness and bringing a soft atmosphere to the living room.

It was designed with the hope that you will have fun while learning.

I thought that a circular table would be easier to gather and would naturally be closer than face-to-face.


The wooden outdoor living room is a space where children can run around.

You can spend your time freely without worrying about the eyes from outside.


We are trying to “design with consideration for children’s education” so that they can enjoy “learning power”.

And I want my children to grow up freely.


Principal Uchino writes various articles about children’s education and essential education on the external site “New Education Travelogue”.

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You can read it in English, French,Spanish,German, and so on.

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