The Wall of water

Located in a forest, this church provides spaces where worshippers pray quietly.

Two wooden walls and one exposed concrete wall make triangular space, creating symbolic space for pray.

A basin within the church gives peace to the space, the exposed concrete wall express profound beauty when it is illuminated by natural light. It would create transitional beauty.


When it is rainy, the water pours into the exposed wall from the slit between the wall and the tilting roof.

The water of rain flows the surface of the exposed concrete wall, generating wonderful beauty and bringing peaceful mind to the people.

Two curved walls outside shut the environment outside the church that offer distinguished spaces where one would change his or her mind while walking to the church.


This symbolic church stands calmly in a forest, providing spaces one would concentrate in praying while letting go of their minds.

Church Wall Water Light


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    Bern, Switzerland

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