Tokyo : City Voids

okyo, a global metropolis that continues to undergo major changes.

Large-scale redevelopment is continuing in Chiyoda Ward and Minato Ward, which are located in the center of Tokyo.

The city of Tokyo is very vast, and the city stretches on and on.

There is something surprising when thinking about “Tokyo as a city” instead of classifying it as an administrative district such as Tokyo or Kanagawa Prefecture.

In fact, Tokyo has the largest population in the world. (2023)

A high ranking is good, but “populated” indicates overcrowding.

The city of Tokyo has long been known as an overcrowded city.

In fact, there is a big feature in the center of Tokyo,and Tokyo has a vast park around the Imperial Palace.

The space around the huge Imperial Palace is like a “city void”.

It is unusual for Tokyo, where there are many tall buildings and many utility poles, and when you take a photo horizontally, you can see a lot of the sky.

The area around the Imperial Palace is a ‘giant void’ that does not look like this ‘overcrowded city’ Tokyo.

New York’s Central Park is also a “Great void of teh city.”

Compared to the man-made Central Park, Tokyo’s Imperial Palace is the former Edo Castle and has a layered history.

The space around the Imperial Palace has such a vast “planar expanse” that it is hard to believe that it is in the center of Tokyo.

Many skyscrapers can be seen in the distance, and these skyscrapers are changing rapidly.

However, the huge void around the Imperial Palace will remain unchanged from now on.

An overcrowded city with the world’s largest population in a small area: a huge void in Tokyo “the Imperial Palace”.

The area around the Imperial Palace is also recommended for walking.


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