Triple Wall

Located in a shopping area, this shared residential building is designed to clearly divide public and private spaces.

Triple walls compose the building and divides public spaces and private spaces.


The central wall serves as the device which clearly divide the public spaces and private spaces.

In the public spaces including kitchen space, living space, and spaces for reading, several floors are sustained by the walls, spaces extend vertically in this space.

Boxes sandwiched by the walls are private spaces, and there are terraces above them.

One would hang out to the terraces freely only from the public spaces, these terraces function as urban garden.

Walls of exposed concrete would clearly articulate between public spaces and private spaces.


Through the slits between the boxes, one would see the trees and the sky.

The intention is to design various spaces to accommodate several lifestyles like creating a city within the existing city by simple triple walls.

Triple Wall Cube Void Nature


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    YDS,Nobuyuki Nomura, Henry Tsang

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