Twin Helix

This is a skyscraper of residential and commercial building.

To create a striking silhouette yet cozy spaces for residents, commercial spaces at the bottom of the building forms simple cube of glasses and residential building above it is created by placing voids and terraces.


To create wonderful outside spaces for each dwelling to enjoy city life, creating voids as terraces and rotating them like a helix that provides numerous terraces is the solution.

Adding overhung terraces and rotating them also like a helix, creating various terraces for each dwelling. Voids and terraces of the same space are twins,


Twin Helix represents a new type of organic and architectural concept yet provides attracting outside spaces for all the dwellings.

Unprecedented and distinguished silhouette with simple architectural method and adds new cityscape in Dubai.

Twin Helix Void Light Tower


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    Residedntial, Commercial

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