Twin Water Walls

This is a museum in a large park.

The intention is to take in the bountiful nature nearby and create spaces where one would enjoy the arts as well as the nature.

The exhibition spaces are bound with two walls and are covered by the glasses.


There are four exhibition spaces and restaurants by the same size consists of two wooden walls, and two exhibition spaces of two exposed-concrete walls which are 1.5 times as large as the wood spaces . 

These six galleries of two walls and the glasses are linked with the two exposed-concrete walls.


Each exhibition spaces, galleries, restaurant, and shops have distinctive spaces with various designs of walls and voids, artists would choose spaces which are best fit for their arts and works.

Six glass boxes with two walls linked with large two walls on the square pond, one would be able to enjoy the arts feeling the light, wind, and rain while letting go of one’s mind.

Twin Water Walls Water Nature


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