Urban Square

When designing an apartment complex, we re-question “living together”.

I would like to create a “space that can be obtained only by gathering together” rather than building a house by adding together.

I’m thinking if I can create the space of the road space and the square.

Because it is an apartment complex, we would like to create a plaza where people can gather, relax, and feel nature.


There are various restrictions in creating the space of the plaza, but I think about taking advantage of the restrictions.

By prioritizing the construction area restrictions and the living environment of each dwelling unit, we created a void on the north side of the site and designed Void in a Forests, which created an “urban courtyard.”

You can feel nature on sunny and rainy days in this open space with no roof on the top.

If you look up at the square, you can see “your own sky”.

This plaza is connected to the entrance hall and is adjacent to the stairs and EV on each floor, so residents can always look out over the plaza when they reach their apartments.


Forests of Grids reproduces the Musashino forest in the city, albeit on a modest scale.

In order to maximize the volume of the dwelling unit, this courtyard was placed in an area where only two stories can be built.

It is a natural space that spreads like a small universe.


I would like to create a “space of a square” in a house as well.

In the house in Nerima, we created an “outdoor living room” that is connected to the living room, and the plaza and the living room are organically connected.

The outdoor living terrace will be a vast space with an “infinite atrium” of the sky.


In Kumamoto House, I wanted to connect the “space of the square” in the house with the children’s room.

It is an image of children running around the space of the room and the outdoor plaza.

Then, I wondered if I could create a circulatory environment centered on the terrace.

The space of this square open to the city is a space for family relaxation.


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