Water City 2

Rivers in Tokyo has been made by big engineering works, filling up and re-routing, during Edo period.

There were many canals around Tsukiji and Ginza, the water routes were very important for the city and the spaces around these canals presented lively scenes.

Nevertheless, these canals has been covered to make Tokyo Expressway during the high growth period, the water routes lost its competitiveness because more and more trains and roads are made, the vigorous life around the canals has gone.

To re-incarnate water city Tokyo and to create new values by stimulating the water spaces including canals and Tokyo Bay, the intention is to introduce new water spaces to the existing city.

Water spaces would draw the winds in Tokyo Bay and would be the path of the winds, they would reduce the Heat island phenomenon.

New spaces of water would serve as oasis of the city and add new sceneries would create huge potentials to dramatically change the city of Tokyo.

Tokyo Water City


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    Master Plan

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    YDS, Tokyo Canal PT

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