Located in a suburb with abundant nature, this building is designed for research center of science.

To provide spaces where scientists and researchers discuss and talk about issues of their research with joy, spaces in the first floor named ‘Creative Cabin’ is designed. “Creative Cabin” is an open space enfolded by soft skins of glasses and connected with other floors with voids.

Scientifically speaking, light is a wave and a particle at the same time. To provide wonderful spaces for scientists, the intention is to enfold the spaces with particles of the light. Louvers of circles in the skylight crush the light making it particles of the light which softly wrap up the whole spaces.

Particles of the light change from time to time, and the difference arouses subtle and vague light of traditional Japanese architectures.

“Creative Cabin” with particles of the light would be an ideal space for them.


Wave Louvers Light


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